Online Reputation Management

It may take many years or possibly even decades to build the goodwill and reputation of a Brand. With the enormous risks posed in the virtual space, it might take only a few years (or even days) to spoil the reputation built on the brand. With everything at stake, it is important for the brand owner to take steps to protect the reputation of the brand online.

The success of a brand depends upon the loyalty and reputation of that brand with its consumers. Reputation of the brands is being compromised everyday by violators through the medium of Internet. Millions of domains are being cybersquatted, billions worth of counterfeit goods are being sold online everyday, thousands of derogatory comments are being posted online about the brands and hundreds of identify thefts (stealing of personal information) happening every minute.

Not taking steps to manage or protect your reputation online might threaten the very existence of your business.

Various modes of threats are carried out by violators to harm the reputation of the brand and brand owners in the online space. Some of the instances that affect include phishing, sack sites, sale of counterfeit goods online, etc. Posting of untrue and derogatory information online may also affect the reputation that vests in your brand.

We at Domain Name Disputes India, know the value of your brand and your business and have devised specific Online Brand Protection Strategies for protecting your reputation online. We offer quality online reputation management services for companies and enterprises.  With our best online reputation management techniques you can be rest assured that your brand is in the safest possible hands.

We can help your organization to manage the reputation of your brand online, plan strategies to protect your brand and take enforcement action to protect the reputation in the brand. We also help you to devise the best possible strategy for managing reputation of the brand online. Our team of experts keeps a watch on the Internet 24 x 7, informs you of every infringement/violation/ threat online and immediately take action to remove/mitigate the threats.