.in Dispute Resolution

All businesses irrespective of their scale of operation are desirous to invest into the promising Indian market. For this process, the online presence to establish a market in India is much sought for and ‘.in’ domain name matters.

Many international organizations that have delayed in registering their domain names found to their shock that their domain names have been usurped by abusive registrations by cyber squatters or by domain name registration by registrants with conflicting trademarks. However, getting back your .in domain name can now be earlier with the specialized advices offered by us. The INDRP policy is applicable for the .in domain name and offers a cost effective mechanism. Also the domain name disputes are resolved sooner than the court proceedings in India and is the most advised mechanism for resolving .in domain name disputes.

Domain name Disputes India represents you before the arbitrator appointed by the .IN Registry for resolving .in domain name disputes.