.COM Dispute Resolution

Specialization and experience are our key assets in representing any party to a domain name dispute.

The Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy provides for the settlement of domain name disputes for the Generic Top Level Domains Name (gTLD) such as .com, .edu, .areo, .biz, .org, .jobs, .mobi, .museum, .net, .tel, .travel, .info, .coop. The UDRP complaints may be filed with any of the ICANN accredited arbitration centres. The Asian Domain Name Dispute Resolution Centre, National Arbitration Forum, WIPO and The Czech Arbitration Court Arbitration Center for Internet Disputes are Dispute Resolution Service Providers approved by the ICANN.

UDRP also allows for the filing of the complaints at the jurisdictional civil court where the Registrant or the Registrar is located. Where the Registrar or the Registrant is located in India, the dispute may be resolved through legal action at the civil court. Domain Name Disputes India aids and assists the parties to the dispute in deciding the proper course of action and legal strategy.

Domain Name Disputes India represents the aggrieved party and the domain name registrant at the administrative panel appointed by the arbitration centre. Our clients are from all parts of the world. Since all of our services are handled online, the physical distance is not an issue of concern.

It is important to ascertain the legal risks of the arbitration before approaching the domain name arbitration panel.

It is always important for the parties to assess the fair chances of winning or losing of the arbitration even before choosing to litigate. This practical approach would enable the parties to position their strategy accordingly. Also, the administrative panel has a limited scope of legal consideration and it cannot travel beyond it for the interpretation of laws.

Also, the parties do not have a chance to present their case personally before the arbitrator. For that reason, it is important that the pleadings presented before the arbitrator are self-contained, and are drafted keeping in mind every question that might arise in the mind of the arbitration panel. This would require the services of experienced legal minds in the fields of domain name disputes, internet law and intellectual property rights.