Adopting the best Online Brand Protection Strategy depends upon various factors such as,

  1. The distinctiveness of the brand,
  2. Its vulnerability,
  3. The mode of conducting business – whether online/offline,
  4. The nature of business,
  5. The class of consumers and so on.

For example, a financial or an e-commerce company or a business which is conducted completely online requires a stricter and highly efficient Online Brand Protection Strategy than a business which is conducted offline.  Improper and inadequate Online Brand Protection may result in various cybersquatters / violators/ infringers illegally and unauthorizedly usurping the brand name or the competitors taking advantage of the online absence and indulging in fraudulent/illegal activities such as replicating the website, resulting in misrepresentation of the brand.

In such a scenario, a genuine consumer looking for details about the brand may be lead to these false and misleading websites.  They might also be forced to believe that those bogus websites belong to the original brand owner and mistakenly buy products from such bogus website.  Such a case might result in the original brand/Domain owner, losing enormous revenue and business, face litigation threats and more importantly lose the reputation that has been built around the brand.

Adopting the Online Brand Protection strategy is the most important thing a company ought to do to protect its brand from being violated /threatened online. It is the duty of every brand-owner to make sure that steps are taken to protect their brands and prevent the brand from being infringed.

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