Domain Name Selection

Selecting the right domain name for your business is one of most deciding factors for the success of your business. With every business going online, it is important to understand how to choose the right domain name for your business that would reflect the ethos of your organization/start-up. We invest our time and experience brains and heart into the market research to come up with the right domain name, which would suit your organization, the most. We also make sure that the domain names we suggest are highly efficient as far the trademarks issues are concerned.

Our working mechanism:

  • You need to provide us with your concept, business vision, product or even a list of domains you are considering.
  • We create a report including ideal unregistered domains for your business, ideal domains that are registered but are for sale and ideal domains that are registered and may be for sale. At this point, we consider the probable trademark conflicts that may arise for the domain name that have been shortlisted.
  • Once you decide on a domain, we deliver Domain Name Protection Report that would include the competitors, the typos and other versions of the domain you may want to register for protective purposes. Based on this, the final decision make be taken.

Choosing of the right domain name would not cost you much. However, choosing the wrong domain name would cost you your business. Know how we can maximise your business potential. Mail us at [email protected]