Domain Name Audit

Domain name Audit, the first of its kind in India, is an assessment and analysis of the company’s Domain Name Portfolio. Domain Name Audit helps the company to keep track of the value, extent and ownership of their Domain Names. The most important aspect of a Domain Name Audit is two fold:

First, it helps the company to ascertain, identify and maintain its Domain Name Portfolios,

Second and most importantly, it helps to uncover any issues, problems or violations, such as cyber squatting, Identify theft, Phishing, etc. by any third party. Domain Name Audit also determines the strengths and weaknesses of the Domain Name Portfolio.

A detailed research is conducted and opinion is given on registration of available Domain Names, to protect the rights of the company as well save enormous expenditure on retrieving the cybersquatted Domain Names.

We understand the value of your business and the business model. We also understand the online threats that your business is likely to face and the means for complete protection of your brand online.


The domain name audit requires the basic assessment of the trademarks, contained in the domain name. On assessment of the associated marks, it is important to establish the credibility over the mars and rank it in terms of how strong/vulnerable a particular mark is, where the mark that is sought to be protected in a domain name does not qualify the highest standards required for a trademark, appropriate steps have to be taken to strengthen the mark.

ASSIMILATE: The most important step is to assimilate and compile the domain names that are owned by the organization/company. The combined view should project the following:

  • what are the important/relevant gTLD/ccTLD that have not been registered.
  • Whether all the domain names have proper WHOIS detgails.
  • Whether the domain admin/webmaster has unified control over the domain name.
  • Which employees/personnel in the organization have authority to register domain name.
  • Domains that have been registered and due for renewal.

IDENTIFY: After the compilation of all domains owned by the single entity, it is next important to identify issues/problems wherein third party unauthorized persons, cybersquatters have registered domain names that are similar/conflicting to the marks/domains held by the entity. A strong techno-legal team is required for identifying the patterns of the cyber-squatting, activity of each cybersquatter, modus and country jurisdiction.The following data has to be researched:

  • Vulnerability of the domain name/trade mark
  • Protection mechanisms when employed, how has been violated?
  • Management purview of understanding the squatting pattern.
  • Understanding the pattern and projecting the probable next squatting attempts
  • The Domain Name Audit will also seek to identify the risk areas where the Domain Names are most vulnerable.

ADVICE: The final step of the Domain Name Audit is to advise the entity on the best possible Domain Name Protection Strategy. The Audit also attempts to provide solutions by providing an action plan, prioritizing the online threats according to their seriousness. The Audit also answers the best possible way/mode to tackle the issues by taking into consideration various factors such as, time involved, cost, relief that can be obtained, etc.

In short, a Domain Name Audit will help the company maintain an efficient Domain Name Portfolio as well as attempt to provide ways to resolve various online threats that expose the vulnerability of the business and the brand.

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