Online Brand Protection

Have you ever considered the importance of protecting your brand in the online space? Websites containing your brand might have been registered and businesses actively conducted online without your knowledge, causing your organization huge revenue and reputation loss coupled with consumer-mistrust. More serious and worse is the situation where your business is conducted online. Your website / business is prone to various threats on the online space, such as cyber squatting, online counterfeiting, phishing, identity theft and brand abuse to name a few.

The growth of the internet has added a new dimension for the development of business worldwide. Along with it, are the various threats that a brand owner is likely to face. With infringements happening online every second, the situation at present is such that it is important to protect your brand in the virtual world, irrespective of your mode of conducting business.

The importance of online brand protection can be understood by analyzing consequences that an inadequate brand protection might cause to your company. The major consequences may include losing the consumer trust that has been built on the hard-earned reputation and goodwill of the brand. Other consequences may include

  • Dilution and tarnishment of the brand
  • Increase & uncontrollable counterfeit and grey market sales
  • Losing out to the competitor
  • Consumers falsely identifying the brand as that of the violator/infringer.
  • Incurring loss in your revenue and investment.
  • Losing the notoriety and reputation of a well-nurtured brand
  • The best way to combat these online threats and secure protection of your brand from being tarnished is to adopt the best ‘Online Brand Protection Strategy.

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There is a need for companies and other brand owners to realize that brands are their most precious corporate assets. Enormous amount of time, money and labour are invested in the brand to make it popular to the consumers. Companies must realize that their brands are everything and more popular the brand is, more it is likely to be infringed/abused in the online space.