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Most of us would think that only brands and businesses would have their reputation at stake in the online space. With the ever-growing phase of the internet and the social networking sites, few people realize and understand that their reputation as an individual is also at stake in the virtual world.

With the spreading of various social networking sites like facebook, orkut, twitter, bebo etc., where almost more than half the world’s population are active, there is every chance that a fake profile is created or defaming comments are written or obscene images are posted about each one of us.  The chance is much more in the case of celebrities where there are more than thousand groups which malign their reputation or obscene or morphed images are posted about them.

There are also possibilities that groups or communities defaming the reputation of an individual are created on these social networking sites.  Obscene images of girls are being posted by miscreants, comments harming the reputation of an individual are being posted online and even photo’s are being published without one’s consent.  Further, even defamatory communities / articles are created about educational institutions, its principals, staffs and its teachers.

The above examples clearly prove that it is not only the brands or its owners or their businesses can be subject to online threats.  It is also the individuals who need to take steps to protect their reputation online.  By not taking part or being passive in these social networking sites may not be the solution, since one will not be able to know who is posting about them or if there a fake profile created in their name.

So what would be the solution? To protect your reputation online you need to take certain pro-active and precautionary steps like not providing your personal and intimate details, making your privacy settings to be strict and not adding friends whom you do not personally know.  You could also even engage an ‘Online Brand Protection Consultant’ who will assist you to know if there is any defaming content posted about you in the online space including the social networking sites.

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