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The highly accelerated astonishing growth of the Internet has created unlimited opportunities for every business. Millions of brains are at work, voluminous amount of data is fed into the World Wide Web and billions of dollars are transacted everyday through online stores. Companies which realized the importance of developing their brands in the online world are now reaping huge benefits. It is not a matter of surprise that the online businesses are doing better than ever. However, out-burst in the growth of the Internet has lead to several legal and intellectual property issues.

Domain Names have become quite a precious commodity in today’s online world and it is very tough to find the right domain name for your business. In fact, companies who considerably delayed in venturing into their online business were shocked to find that their domain names containing their trademarks in it has already been taken by someone who’s got no connection with it. Every online business (or a foraying company) is now protecting their domain names with utmost care and caution, for the singular reason that the domain names are their virtual address opening the door to the company for millions of customers’ world over.

Domain Name squatters are on the rise and domain names resembling the trademarks of successful companies have been usurped. But now getting back the domain name is now easier than ever…

The effects of a domain name theft go beyond bounds.

  • A trademark holder does not only have the right to protect his brand, but also has a moral duty to safeguard it. A purchaser tends to choose a particular product not only for its utility, but also the quality reflected in brand of the product.
  • The final consumer is the ultimate victim of the domain name thefts wherein he is an innocent purchaser of spurious goods. The original brand owner has actually contributed in the sale of the spurious good if they have not taken steps to prevent spurious domain name from operation.
  • Also, a trademark owner may be held liable for wrong actions done by using a similarly sounding domain name. There exists all possibility that the domain name squatter would be misusing the domain name for his benefit.

Protect your Domain Name now

Protecting your domain name is simple and easy.

  • You are not required to run to courts for the protection of domain names.
  • You are not required to spend exorbitant sum of money for getting back your domain names.
  • You don’t need to wait for years for getting an order of the court

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